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2. Linda   (21.03.2014 23:20) E-mail

Can somebody from irak help me? Hamdi al masri or Mezher Kazem who
was in Turkey in Side oktober 2013, I think maybe i have wrong Mezher the said
but maybe they meant masri. He is 30 years old and play in alshorta before alnaft.

If somebody know please write the sexiest man was maybe hamdi almasri so i was wrong.

Please tell me does anybody in irakfotball team know this. He is the love for life!

Linda in Sweden happy

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1. Linda   (15.03.2014 21:43) E-mail

The sexiest man from Irak plays in alnaft. I think his name is Mezher ?
He has played for alshorta and was in Side oktober 2013.

I love him.

From Linda Sweden smile


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